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Because "life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all" – Helen Keller

Friday Photos: Endurance

September 26, 2014

This week’s Photo Challenge from WordPress is Endurance.

The ultimate measure of endurance is Love. The endurance to grow, endurance to change, endurance to weather any storm. This endurance is seen in the of love between a child and their schmusebär, their cuddly Teddy Bears, their first loves.

These particular bears have endured endless car trips, plane rides, ferry boats, buses and trams. They’ve camped, rode bicycles, and waited patiently by the shore as their children swam. They’ve seen the sights of Europe and travelled a bit in the States as well.

They’ve comforted sick children, nursed skinned knees, and become empathetic listeners on the days when being the new kid stinks.

They are more than just a Kuscheltier, a stuffed animal. They are confidants, co-conspirators and travel companions. They hold within their soft little hearts every adventure, joy, laughter, and tear they’ve collected over the years from their child.

In the words of Winnie the Pooh, “As soon as I saw you I knew an adventure was going to happen.”

P.S. The pink bear has a twin who now resides in Arnhem. We hope he found a lovely Dutch family to live with!


2 thoughts on “Friday Photos: Endurance

  1. Gerry C. says:

    Bravo! This is an imaginative and enticing photo. So glad you used your artistic sense of drama to create this photo. Thanks for sharing. We all love our teddy’s that’s for sure. 🙂


    1. Thank you, that is so kind of you to say, I’m so glad you enjoyed the photo. 🙂


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