An Adventure A Day

Because "life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all" – Helen Keller

As you may know, this is our last year in Germany. We’ve been blessed with two consecutive assignments in this beautiful country, but we knew it wouldn’t last forever. We’ve crammed an awful lot of travel, adventure, and experience into five years. We’ve crossed many sites off of our list of places to visit, and we’ve added many, many more to it.

We’ve gotten to know a little part of the culture of this land that we have called home, and it has left its mark on all of us. It has opened our eyes and our hearts. It has broadened our perspectives and challenged us with its languages and subtle differences. It has changed us, and we are grateful. But it is approaching the time for us to move on to our next assignment.

I’ve actually known for quite some time where we’d be living next, but I haven’t said anything because I hate to make announcements before we have the accompanying paperwork.  Well, the long wait is over, and the first of our paperwork is here. It’s (mostly) official. This summer, we’re packing up and heading south. We’re moving to Italy.

This should be interesting.

4 thoughts on “And now for a Little Announcement

  1. Italy will be lovely although I imagine very different from Germany. Especially if it’s south Italy!

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    1. I agree, it will be lovely – and very different! The culture, the attitude, the climate, but the biggest change for me will be going from a primarily rural area to a very large city. We’re definitely excited for our new adventure!

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  2. Pecora Nera says:

    Welcome to the madness and fun of Italy, I think it will be a bit of a culture change after the efficiency of Germany. 😉

    If you need internet access either make sure your new house already has it connected or apply now… I have been waiting 7 months for my connection. Alternatively if you are near me I will show the the best bars and cafès that have fast internet

    Good luck


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    1. Seven months – holy cow!!
      Thanks for the advice, I’ll make sure we stay on top of that! I think you’re right, it will be a big change in culture, but it’s one that we are really looking forward to!


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