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Because "life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all" – Helen Keller

This week, the travel theme over at Where’s My Backpack takes a look at Youngsters, a wonderfully appropriate theme for springtime.

Of course, the best place to catch up with youngsters in the spring of the year is at the Zoo. Last year, we took a trip to Tiergarten Nürnberg. The Nürnberg Zoo is a lovely day trip, we drove up and found plenty of parking available. The zoo has been at it’s present location since 1939. It is a decent sized zoo, with a mix of new and old exhibits. On the day of our visit, we were surprised to find several new additions to the zoo.

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We’ve also come across youngsters at our local petting zoo. While the kids were feeding the last of their seeds to the ducks, we had a visit from this playful youngster.


While animal youngsters are definitely adorable, there is something special when you come across youngsters exploring the traditions of their culture.

In Austria, we’ve witnessed medieval youngsters in a Ritterspiel:

And farm youngsters with cows and goats in Almabtreibfests:

In Germany we’ve seen the traditions of Fasching passed down through the generations by the inclusion of youngsters in the parades and events:

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Every July Bad Salgau, a small town in Baden-Württemberg, hosts Bächtlefest. For five days the town is full of music, dancing, markets and special events. The culminating event is the Historischer Festzug – an enormous parade with every historical era, traditional occupation, characters from popular children’s literature and most nationalities represented in an hours long procession. One of the most interesting things is that most of the parade participants are youngsters, because the festival itself is not only a celebration of the traditions and history, but of the youngsters!


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Visit Where’s My Backpack and find out which youngsters have crossed the path of other travelers.

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