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Friday Photo: On The Way

June 5, 2015

This week, the WordPress photo challenge reminded me of something that happened to us on the way to Populonia.

It was our second Easter break in Tuscany, and we were heading down the Etruscan coast to explore some of the parks there. Our final destination was I Parchi della Val di Cornia, the Archeological park of Baratti and Populonia. We were off to see the Necropolis of San Cerbone and the Acropollis of Populonia. However, as soon as we reached the park entrance, it began to pour. This was no mild spring storm. Water dumped on our car like it was being poured from a bucket over our heads. Thunder and lightening surrounded us. The rain completely obscured our view of the coast and it was beginning to look like a day spent exploring the parks and open air museums was completely out of the question. The problem was, it was already approaching mid-day. It was too late to change our plans, and I hadn’t planned a local indoor alternative.

Tempers were starting to flair, so we decided to find a place to have lunch before we started our trip back up the coast. We stopped in a small coastal town called San Vincenzo where we had lunch at the restaurant of Hotel il Delfino.

Although I imagine San Vincenzo is crowded during the summer months, around Easter, it’s a ghost town. We were the only diners in the hotel restaurant. We chose a seat overlooking the empty beach below and watched the storm roll down the coast.

When you sit in an empty restaurant, you’re never quite sure what to expect. We were a bit reluctant to order, but everything on the menu looked good, and we were too hungry and grumpy to search any further. The food was excellent. I wasn’t sure what to order, and managed to convey to the waitress that I would like whatever dish she recommended. It was an enormous fish, cooked to perfection, served whole.

We lingered over our delicious lunch and our moods began to lift. As we finished our dulce and digestivo we noticed that the skies had cleared, it looked like our outdoor adventure could continue after all.

But first, we explored the completely empty beach we found On the Way.

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