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Travel Theme: Paint

October 15, 2015

In keeping with this week’s travel theme at Where’s My Backpack?, I thought I’d take a look at some of the paint I’ve seen around Europe.

When you think of paint and Europe, you probably first envision the masterpieces, then maybe the great churches,  or the magnificent murals. Perhaps you think a particular artist who leaves you mesmerized by their work.  I admit, I do to. Until I go for a walk that is. When you vacation somewhere, you are looking for what’s special, but in doing so, you often overlook what’s special in the ordinary things around you. One of the nice things about living somewhere new is being able to look beyond the main attractions of a town to find the beauty in everyday. To stop and admire how the people who live somewhere have added color to their lives.

Some of the most lovely buildings I’ve seen were simpler than the grand palaces and cathedrals, yet no less beautiful.


Even in the mountains, paint adds a touch of color and accentuates the beauty around every corner of a trail.

And of course no painted tale would be complete without a few fishing boats.


For more examples of paint in travels, head over to Where’s My Backpack?


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