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When we travel, I become the designated family passport carrier. This makes sense, because at home I am the caretaker of all the paperwork that enters the house. Over the years, I’ve developed systems for controlling paper flow and important document storage, but I was still searching for the perfect system to handle all of our passports. No small task for this family.

Initially, I purchased the Victorinox travel organizer, which worked well when each family member carried just one passport.

The Victorinox has two slots large enough for a standard US sized passport, but you can comfortably fit at least two more in the document slots. It has several credit card holder slots, as well as two zippered pouches. It also includes a deep exterior pocket, just the right size for holding boarding passes.

I would definitely recommend this item for an individual traveler, or a traveling family of up to 4. When you add more than 4 passports to this particular travel organizer, it is just too cramped and becomes difficult to close. I purchased my Victorinox from Amazon for around 30 USD, but you can find the newest version on the Victorinox website

As we continued to accumulate passports, I needed to continue my search for the perfect passport carrier / travel organizer. It is said that perfect is the enemy of good, but not in this case.  I was not going to quit searching until I found exactly what I needed.

While there are many passport organizers out there, none of them were exactly right for what I was looking for. There are quite a few individuals who make and sell passport organizers on etsy, and although these were lovely, they didn’t quite meet my needs.  

Eventually, I stumbled across a passport / travel document binder. The idea of using a binder to organize all of our travel needs appealed to me immensely. Since I already use binders for moving and organizing our household paperwork, this seemed to me the most natural option.

I use a 5.5 x 8.5 inch binder by Avery. Inside, I have 3 fold-out document protectors which hold an 8.5 x 11 inch paper comfortably. These are perfect for holding printed documents. I use them to organize our plane and train tickets as well as hotel confirmations.

To hold the passports, I have heavy-duty mini binder pockets with a Velcro enclosure. These are the perfect size to securely hold two standard US passports.

To assemble this travel organizer myself cost less than 20 USD.

You can find all of the elements of the mini travel binder at amazon: mini binder, document folders, and folders.

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4 thoughts on “In Search of: The Perfect Travel Organizer

  1. Cherrie says:

    I usually just designate the front pocket of my backpack to shove all the passports, boarding passes and whatnot. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I was much less organized when I traveled alone, but with the family, everything is utter chaos – any little bit of organization helps! 😉


  2. argeymum says:

    We bought our travel document wallet from Kathmandu in Australia before we left – I’ve never used one before but with 12months of travel ahead and 4peoples “stuff” to carry we thought it was a good idea. Now my husband has the use of it all organised! So quick and easy.

    Also thanks for the follow,
    The Arge Fam


    1. Good luck with your travels! It’s nice to find a system that helps keep all of those Important papers organized! 🙂


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