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Where is it Wednesday?

April 1, 2020

Can you tell where this is by the flowers and fauna?

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Maybe the food will give it away?

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How about the animals?

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Maybe the landscapes will give you a clue….

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Anything yet? How about some local architecture?

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Maybe you still need another hint?

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Think you know? Maybe a look at the airport will help.

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Have you figured it out yet?


Where were we? Rovaniemi, Finland.

Rovaniemi is the capital of Lapland, the official hometown of Santa Claus and one of our favorite vacations in Europe. During our visit, we stayed at the incredible Arctic Treehouse Hotel, which is surrounded by forest trails and fresh blueberries. We visited the Arktikum museum, Santa Claus Village (including the arctic circle, Santa’s post office, and the big guy himself! ), and Ranua Wildlife Park – one of the nicest zoos I’ve ever seen, with a fantastic playground for the kids.

Finland was one of the most beautiful countries we’ve visited, everyone found something they enjoyed. The food was wonderful -we especially enjoyed tasting reindeer, which was found in everything – from burgers to Indian cuisine.  The surroundings were phenomenal, and the hiking trails were built up so the ecosystem was not harmed while you enjoyed the forests. 

We went in August, and because the skies were bright nearly all night, it wasn’t optimal for viewing the Northern Lights. We didn’t mind though. It provided us with a welcome break from the heat of the Roman summer.

Have you visited Finland? What did you think? Is it on your list of places to visit?


Friday Foto: Repurpose

February 3, 2017

In my dreams, I can repurpose anything. I believe that I am going to have the time, material, and creativity to transform trash into treasure. In reality, I move far to frequently to hold on to all the treasures I’d like to restore and repurpose. Instead, I wistfully pass along my pieces of inspiration to those with larger storage areas and fewer potential moves.

I do love to see repurposed items, and one of my favorite was the Kunstwald – the art wood in the forest not far from my home in Burglengenfeld, Germany. This hiking trail was truly unique. Much of the art was carved from wood blending seamlessly into the woods along the trail. They added the unexpected to the trail – repurposing a solitary walk in the woods into a reflection on nature and art.


Occasionally, though, you’d encounter something unexpected. Something truly magical – something repurposed.


Head over to the Daily Post to see more examples of Repurpose.



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