An Adventure A Day

Because "life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all" – Helen Keller

Since I left my small hometown in Upstate New York, I’ve moved around a bit. I’ve called 4 towns in New York State home. I’ve lived in Georgia, North Carolina, Kansas, two cities in Colorado and twice in one city in Florida, with temporary relocations to South Carolina and Virginia along the way. In 2010 we packed up again and moved to Germany where I’ve lived in Baden Württemberg and Bayern. In 2015 we moved to the eternal city – Rome, Italy, and since 2018 we’ve called small town Belgium home. We’re approaching the end of our time in Europe, but I still have many stories to tell.

When you’ve lived in as many places as I have, you pick up a tale or two along the way. Here are a few of mine:

Reflecting on Changing

It’s Complicated

The One Where I Become the Crypt Keeper. Almost.

My September 11 Story

Ten Things I Learned From Two First Years Abroad

On Haircuts and Relationships

The One in Which I Accidentally Join a Parade and Help Burn a Witch

On Groundhogs and Raising TCK’s

Shopping Part II: Discovering Local Markets and Shops

Shopping Part I: Surviving the Supermarket

In Search of: The Perfect Travel Organizer

A Look Back at our First Holiday Season in Rome

That Familiar Feeling of Foreignness

Overcoming the First Day Jitters

Combating the Pre-Move Stress

Ten Treats to Try in Germany

On Flowers, Weeds, and Altered Perceptions All in one German Bouquet

May Day in Donaustauf

And Now for a Little Announcement

The Home We Carry With Us, Traditions in the Kitchen

Fasching A Fest Like no Other

The Start of a year of Transitions

My Denglish Calendar – The October and November Version


Trick-or-Treating Comes to Deutschland. Almost

Visions of Pumpkins Past

How I Battled the Dreaded German Back-to-School Shopping List (and nearly won)

The Summer We Didn’t Travel

An Anniversary of Sorts – Four Years Later

How Being A Military Spouse Prepares you to Live Overseas

Uncertainty and Parenting Abroad

Top 5 things I miss from America

A chance encounter with a circus performer

Fitness, German Style

The One in Which I Ride a Mechanical Bull

In German, I Dance

Sometimes You Should Miss the Bus

Living on German Time

An Education Abroad

Learning to Thrive in German

Short Visits Make Long Memories

What I Learned on Europe’s Playgrounds

20 Ways I Adjusted to a New Culture, and a Few Ways I Didn’t

2 thoughts on “Lived Here

  1. Marilyn Brown says:

    You are a wonderful writer. You need to publish a book. You have your dad’ s writing talent.


    1. Thanks so much Marilyn, you are too kind 🙂


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